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Hello – I’m looking for friendship. Love to learn different cultures, ethics, backgrounds. Willing to write overseas. Very open-minded. Single parent of 2 beautiful teenagers. From Michigan. Live in Tennessee. In LCP Christian Faith Program. 

I try to stay productive, program and make the best out of a bad situation. I love to laugh, cook, travel, learn. Hope to become licensed for Cosmetology soon here. Something I can take to the free world.

Looking for positive people who will be supportive in my best interest. I’m looking to relocate out West. I fell in love with the weather and feel like it could be a better transition. I love outdoors, camping, music, fishing, hiking, darts, shooting pool and playing cards. Very down to Earth and look forward to our friendship.

April West #21335-074
F.M.C. Carswell 
P.O. Box 27137
Fort Worth, Texas 76127

Race: White
Date of Birth: 5/14/1982
Height: 5'7"
Religion: Christian
Education: GED
Earliest Release Date: 2021
Maximum Release Date: 3/13/2026
Can you receive email? Yes
If yes which service? www.corrlinks.com
Can you respond to email? Yes
Occupation before prison: CNA, Worked as a server for Berkline Koch Food
Activities in prison: Card making, Exercising, Playing Pool, Darts
Anything else?