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Moonlight #W70658

I have many interests that vary from tame to wild. I'm uninhibited and open minded. I like trying new things and I'll try just about anything once, more if I like it. With me, there is never a dull moment. I'm passionate about all that I do, I live hard, I play hard, and I love hard.

A few things that appeal to me on an intimate side include candlelit bubble baths, scented candles, the solitude of a picnic for two, porch swing conversations, soft lace, and white rose petals tossed across the bed.

A few of my favorite past times are laying in front of a roaring fire, relaxing with a glass of bubbly, or sitting in the sand watching the sun go down. Some of the things I like to wear are leather and lace, as I feel it's ruggedly sexy. I enjoy the beauty and simplicity that life brings, such as sand beneath my feet, the passing of a butterfly and the sensuality in the kiss of an ocean breeze.

Dislikes: Obnoxious, loud, rude people
Like: Anything I can't have right now

Whoever you are, wherever you roam, I'll be patiently waiting for you...

Moonlight Pulido #W70658
C.I.W. Wa-846 Low
16756 Chino Corona Road
Corona, California 92880

Race: Native American
Date of Birth: 2/18/1965
Height: 5'
Religion: Indian
Education: Some
Earliest Release Date:
Maximum Release Date:
Can you receive email? Yes
If yes which service? www.JPay.com
Can you respond to email? Yes
Occupation before prison: Driving
Activities in prison: Hobby craft, tattooing, college
Anything else?