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Hi! My name is Loa. I am kind, caring, compassionate, I have a big heart and I like taking care of others.

I’m looking to make a connection with someone likewise. I love to laugh and have fun and I don’t like confrontation. I believe in second chances and I’m not taking mine for granted.

While incarcerated I worked hard and received my GED, which was a goal of mine and I’m proud of it.

I want a better life for myself and I plan to do what it takes to make that possible. I enjoy the outdoors, camping, fishing, gold panning, metal detecting, swimming, etc. I like to read, write, garden and walk in here to pass the time. I am very honest, open and extremely easy to talk to. So please feel free to write me a letter, or add me on www.centurylinkcorrections.com to email me or talk to me on the phone or send me a voice message.

I hope to hear from you soon!



Loa Branton #17524097
24499 SW Grahams Ferry Road
Wilsonville, Oregon 97070

Race: White
Date of Birth:  2/18/1990
Height:  5’4”
Earliest Release Date: 8/22/2021
Maximum Release Date:  8/22/2021
Religion: Christian
Education: GED:
Activities in prison:  Walking, Reading, and Gardening
Can you receive and send emails:  Yes, gettingout.com