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Hi there! I’m Savanna Lee Rose Laurel Perry. I’m 27 years young and full of personality. I’m a real beauty and I am looking for someone to walk this road with. Even though I’m in prison, I have a lot of love to offer and plenty of time to invest in you. 

I grew up in foster care, so I don’t have any family or support. I’ll admit, it gets really lonely in here. Not only am I looking for a deep connection, but I am ultimately hoping to find someone who will take care of me. To me, that entails emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and financially. I’m a bubbly, petite blonde who craves attention. I would love to bring an authentic smile to your lips and be the catalyst to your laughter. 

I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to include your phone number and email address for a more efficient way to communicate. I am looking forward to meeting you. 

Savanna Perry #21870355
24499 SW Grahams Ferry Road
Wilsonville, Oregon 97070

Date of Birth: 4/26/1994
Height: 5’6”
Earliest Release Date: 5/26/2032  
Maximum Release Date: 5/26/2032
Would you like letters from both sexes? Both
(This does not refer to sexual orientation) 
Education: GED
Occupation before prison: Retail
Activities in prison: Tanning, basketball, pickleball, working out, gardening, yoga, and meditation
Can you receive and send emails: Yes via corrlinks.com