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Did you know that flowers can bloom in concrete?
It’s true! Just look at me! Transplanted at a young age into an environment of razor wire and concrete, I have continued to grow and flourish. I greet each day with an open heart and strive to live a life with meaning, not bound by a prison’s limitations or a prisoner’s mentality.

I recently started in the PAWS program working as a handler training dogs to assist people with disabilities. In my free time I also knit, draw, and paint. I prefer to stay busy with positive activities like reading, drawing, or exercising.

I’m interested in all things foreign: food, history, languages, cultures, etc. I hope to one day travel the globe and learn about all the different places I’ve studies. Additionally, I enjoy lively political discussions to exchange ideas and opinions – flowers need food to grow!

I can’t wait for new experiences and to make friends with equally adventurous people. I love the idea of exploring a person’s evolution almost or much as exploring the planet. Neither journey has to end and that’s why I can’t wait to get started!

Now do you believe that flowers can bloom behind bars?

Angela Robbins #15276-045
P.O. Box 1731
Waseca, Minnesota 56093

Date of Birth: 3/31/1976
Height: 5’10”
Earliest Release Date:
Maximum Release Date: Life  
Would you like letters from both sexes? Yes
(This does not refer to sexual orientation) 
Education: Some College
Occupation before prison: Military  
Activities in prison: Tutoring, Drawing, Painting 
Can you receive and send emails? Yes, via corrlinks.com