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Anita Williams 273649
Hello future friends!

My name is Anita and currently I'm on a time out here in Goodyear, Arizona. Since I have to spend a little time here, I'm looking to meet a few good friends.

I enjoy snuggling up to a good book or movie especially after cooking a delicious meal. I cam also be quite creative artistically when the mood hits me and I have a great sense of humor. I'm a native New Yorker although I've lived in California, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and of course, Arizona.

I enjoy meeting new people and I've always been a good friend. The people I allow in my world must be loyal, honest, and respectful. I vow to reciprocate these qualities as well.

I'm excited to embark upon this journey towards a wonderful friendship. If you fit this description, I can't wait to meet you!

Anita Williams 273649
Arizona State Prison Complex - Perryville
Santa Cruz D12-06, P.O. Box 3200
Goodyear, Arizona 85338

Race: Black
Date of Birth: 7-31-64
Height: 5'5
Religion: Christian
Education: Bachelors
Earliest Release Date: 4-2031
Maximum Release Date: 4-2034
Can you receive email? No
If yes which service?
Can you respond to email?
Occupation before prison: Nurse
Activities in prison: Drama Club, Spanish, Art, Church Services.
Anything else? Working on masters degree in Theology