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Hi, I'm Brittni. I love to laugh and can find humor in just about anything. I have a big heart, and big thighs to match it, lol. I have been thru a lot of pain that inevitably led me to an opiate addiction I have been fighting which has brought me to my current situation. I am finally ready to leave that life and live in a sober world and environment and enjoy the better things in life. I know it isn't too late. Before now, I am a pilot car driver. I work with oversize loads, cross country and get to see many beautiful places.

I am looking for someone that we can entertain one another and take my mind off my situation at hand & make me smile thru the hardship. If you are up for the task I am in Grady County Jail in Oklahoma. You can connect to me at smartjailmail.com for email. You must set up an acct. tigercommissary.com you can add to "web deposits and prodigysales.com for texts, phone, and video calls. I look forward to hearing from you! lets be friends. Brittni

Brittni Garner 848488
Grady County Oklahoma
215 N. 3rd
Chickasha, Oklahoma 73018

Date of birth: 6/6/1991
Height: 5'3"
Occupation before prison: Driver
Earliest release date: 12/2022
Maximum release date: 12/2023
Would you like letters letters from both sexes? Men
(Question does not refer to sexual orientation)
Can you receive email? Yes
If yes which email service? smartjailmail.com
Can you respond to email? Yes
Activities in prison: 
Anything else?