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Hello, I’m Clinique and if you have stopped on my ad, you are at the right place, as you can see I’m beautiful. I don’t want to waste your time I want to be specific! I am looking for a long term friendship through emails, pictures, phone calls, and video visits. I need someone who is dependable, honest, and can provide the basic costs for this to happen. On my end I can provide a very honest, attentive, humorous friend. Oh, and I offer the best advice.

I have a few years left on my sentence and I’m looking for someone permanent, that’s reliable, that I can continue to grow a friendship with even when I am released. A sneak preview of me includes me being in an 18 month faith & character dorm program and a university student. I also volunteer, read, workout, and listen to music when I can. I’m 3 years into my sentence, as far as life before prison, I can discuss in our future.

If you feel we are compatible, please email me at JPay.com and don’t just sign up, actually write me an email. Please include prepaid stamps. If you’d like to engage in conversation, I update my phone list in the month of April & October. If you’d like pictures, I will send some. Another option is writing me at the prison.

Let’s start this year off right! I’ll be waiting to hear from you.    

Clinique Jackson #1108723
Pulaski State Prison
P.O. Box 839
Hawkinsville, Georgia 31036

Date of Birth: 10/14/1984
Height: 5’7”
Earliest Release Date: 9/2023
Maximum Release Date: 9/2033
Would you like letters from both sexes?
(This does not refer to sexual orientation) 
Education: Some College
Occupation before prison: Self Employed   
Activities in prison: Ashland University, Faith & Character Dorm
Can you receive and send emails? Yes via www.JPay.com
Anything Else? Volunteer in Medical Dorm as a Medical helper