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Hi, my name is Dina and I am originally from Russia. No, I am not a spy (LOL). I grew up in Los Angeles, CA and have a crazy, unique life story to tell.

I'm very open minded, passionate, caring and have a huge heart. I'm spontaneous and love taking risks in life, because without risks, we'll never discover anything new. I've been through a lot in life, which has helped me shape my character into a strong and independent female. I believe that laughter is the medicine to most things and I tend to see the best in every person and every situation.

I'm currently enrolled in college and hope to one day open up my own business where I would help others. I want to live a fresh new life and hope to make new friends that will be a positive influence in my life.

Don't be shy to send me a letter and feel free to include your email if you prefer to correspond through email. Please write directly.

Stay safe out there, and always smile.



Dina Poladyan #75503-112
5701 8th Street
Dublin, California 94568

Date of Birth: 2/19/1987
Height: 5'6"
Education: G.E.D., Currently in college
Earliest Release Date: 1/2022
Maximum Release Date: 1/2023
Would you like letters from both sexes?
(This does not refer to sexual orientation)  
Can you receive and send Email: Yes, via corrlinks.com
Occupation before prison: Financial Advisor
Activities in prison: College, Exercise, Work, Self help classes
Anything Else? I am Russian and speak it fluently