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Hello? Are you in need of a smile? Do you need to feel loved? Appreciated? Are you a great leader? I’m hoping for a stable positive influence in my life. Someone who can guide me away from my past and into my future. I love to workout and dance. I desire to learn new things.

My heart has been hurt so I’m hoping to give it to someone who can respect and appreciate it. If you’re older don’t get doubtful just because of your age. I need a serious good man in my life. If you feel like you can be him, email me at corrlinks and send me your address. You can set up a phone account through securustech.net if you want to tell me about your day and get to know me.

Notice: If you write Michaelyn via corrlinks.com email you must include your postal mailing address, or she will not be able to respond. She can receive emails but can only respond via postal mail.

Michaelyn Herring #1211112
Florence McClure Corrections Center
4370 Smiley Road
Las Vegas, Nevada 89115

Date of birth: 8/21/1991
Height: 5’4”     
Education: Personal Trainer         
Occupation before prison: Dancer     
Earliest release date: 2/17/2024    
Maximum release date: 2/17/2025  
Would you like letters from both sexes? Both     
(Question does not refer to sexual orientation)
Can you receive email? Yes  
If yes which email service? Via corrlinks.com       
Can you respond to email? No. Please provide your mailing address so I can respond.
Activities in prison: Fitness training, taking college courses, read
Anything Else?