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Hey everyone! My name is Rebeca, but if you like you can call me Beca. I am 35 years young. I have been doing my bid since 2/14/2017. My favorite colors are hot pink & green. I am a girlie girl in every sense of the word. Please read my entire profile before you decide to write me.

Although my pictures maybe suggestive and salacious, do not feel the liberty to write nasty freaky things before asking permission. I am a firecracker with the matching attitude to go with, proceed with caution. Get to know me as a person, a human being, a lady. Don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy naughty playtime; this is something that has to be earned in order for you to be rewarded. Make no mistake. If I truly am not feeling your intro, I will pass it along, unless you specify otherwise. If your letter is really trashy and creepy, I will treat it as such and trash it! lol. If you behave yourself and be a gentleman, then you have no worries. Please respect me and remain respectful at the beginning of our journey together. Take your time in the process of getting to know me.

I would like to thank you for reading the entire profile, if you’ve made it this far, I really appreciate it. Clearly, I do have a wild side. There is so much more to me than just that. I am sweet, caring, fun, funny, amongst other things. If you are still interested, reach out to me through the postal service. If you would like to do Skype video visit, or phone calls please send required information, such as phone number & email address. Thank you once again and stay safe and covid free.

Rebeca Ramos #55389-177
PO Box 2149
Bryan, Texas 77805

Love always your new friend,


Rebeca Ramos 55389-177
P.O. Box 2149 (F.P.C)
Bryan, Texas 77805

Date of Birth: 6/27/1985
Earliest Release Date: 2023
Maximum Release Date: 9/18/2025
Would you like letters from both sexes? Yes
(This does not refer to sexual orientation) 
Occupation before prison: Dental Assistant
Activities in prison: Exercise, Draw, Paint
Can you receive and send emails: Yes, via corrlinks.com