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Are you interested in a real friendship? A tight bond or a special connection? Well, we have something in common already….
How about a person to just be there for you and help you mentally escape or even make a break from everyday life??

Being open minded and adventurous has brought me here. Willing to be truthful, trusting, flexible and excited to share my journey and be a part of yours.

I’m very versatile and still enjoy learning new things. I’m understanding, positive, and appreciative. I love native dancing and listening to music of all kinds.

I never knew how just being thought of could mean so much or how time is really of the essence. Even though I try to always see the bright side of things, I would still embrace the permanent sunshine that a constant friend would bring.

Am I the one you’d like to get to know better? Do you see us being friends? Well, the ball is in your court!

If you decide to write by US Postal mail, you must enclose your mailing address on the letter in order to receive a response back. Also, JPay.com is available.

The fact that you’re reading this makes me happy, so let me return the favor…  

Tanecia Allen #486547
Huron Valley Correctional Facility
3201 Bemis Road
Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197

Date of Birth: 9/18/1986
Height: 5’5”  
Earliest Release Date:   
Maximum Release Date: Lifer
Would you like letters from both sexes? Both
(This does not refer to sexual orientation) 
Education: GED
Occupation before prison: Student
Activities in prison: Working, Reading
Can you receive and send emails: Yes, via JPay.com